What You Can Do

As a property owner and citizen these are a few of the actions you can take to help your local environment:

  1. Reduce the impervious surface area on your property wherever possible. Lawn is better than asphalt, shrubs are better than lawn, and trees are better than shrubs. Plant native plants, especially ones that are adapted to our dry summers and need less watering.
  2. Minimize (better yet eliminate) the use of lawn chemicals. Most wash out of the soil and into our streams and Lake Washington.
  3. Wash your car at a car wash. Car washes are required to recycle water and meet strict environmental standards. If you do wash your car, make minimal use of cleaners and prevent soapy water from entering storm sewers.
  4. Tell your local city and county representatives that you want to protect our environment.
  5. Donate! to help support our efforts!