StreamFest 2022 September 17 at Log Boom Park 1-3pm

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StreamFest 2022 September 17 Log Boom Park Kenmore Washington 1pm-3pm

Come join the fun on September 17 from 1pm-3pm at Log Boom Park in Kenmore, Washington to learn about salmon, have fun at North Lake Washington, and enjoy the salmon’s habitat. Make a fish print, rent a canoe, collect data!

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Link to hearing April 18 2022

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PRR 8441–PSCAA Public Hearing April 18 2022 video -CLEAN AIR IN KENMORE-Thank you for caring !

Dear All,

Thank you for commenting and caring about our Clean Air and shoreline in North Lake Washington.

If you wish to watch and hear the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Cadman Draft Air Permit Hearing April 18, here is the link. I hope you can access it if you are interested.

I plan to celebrate casually the end of the comment period by meeting at the 192 on Friday May 13 around 5pm. It’s an opportunity to discuss the City and the environment. May 17 is a hearing I need to learn more about: Missing Middle and potential loss of trees; Tolt Path across Swamp Creek wetllands (hope it’s scrubbed ASAP); what will happen when PSCAA responds to our comments regarding Cadman and what did Cadman say in their comments; Climate Action; ETC …

Thank you.


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A Comment letter to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency May 2 2022

Dear Mr. Renninger,

In earlier comment to you, we believe we pointed out flaws in the report that Cadman submitted via Trinity for its modeling of emissions. It’s likely that if a new model were employed with a new analysis of the emissions, based on more appropriate inputs, that it would reveal exceedances of standards. In that case, we would be concerned about long term toxic exposures which we believe would justify a health or symptom or cancer cluster survey. Would you please consider such a survey as a possibility to be required in the permit?

We believe a symptom survey would be helpful to rule out the risk of there being any danger due to exposures to the emissions.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Mooney
President PERK
People for an Environmentally Responsible Kenmore

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TODAY MAY 2 last day to comment re CLEAN AIR -Asphalt sample letter to PSCAA–EMAIL TODAY –

Email to:
Sample letter below and attached if you wish.
We all finally deserve the right to know what comes out of that asphalt stack at Lake Washington’s shoreline. Enough is enough. The agency needs to hear from us.
Spread the word! Share! We care!
Elizabeth Mooney

Individual letter to PSCAA.docx

Individual letter 2 to PSCAA.docx

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Earth Day Walk/Talk at Kenmore Businesses and Burke Gilman Trail–FOR CLEAN AIR

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EARTH DAY WALK Friday April 22, 2022 for CLEAN AIR

People for an Environmentally Responsible Kenmore ( volunteers will be taking a Friday afternoon walk and talk with other folks about CLEAN AIR:



Hand out flyers, bring or make a sign to raise awareness and bring a smile !

3pm: Meet at Stoup Brewing (6704 NE 181st. St, Kenmore WA 98028) and Kenmore Hangar at Town Square (6728 NE 181st St. Kenmore WA 98028)
PERK will be at a table outside to make signs, share thoughts about the draft permit for the Cadman asphalt facility in Kenmore and be ready to talk to others about other asphalt projects in our greater community

Walk to Burke Gilman Trail to see the Cadman Plant, passing by City of Kenmore City Hall, King County Library, Ostroms Pharmacy to arrive at Cadman Plant (6431 NE 175th St, Kenmore WA 98028)

4:30 pm: PERK will host an information Table at the Cairn Brewing (7204 NE 175th St, Kenmore, WA 98028) to learn about asphalt plant issues in Kenmore. Discuss writing comments to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency by May 2 regarding the draft permit

6:00 pm: Meet at or walk to the 192 Brewing Company/The Lake Trail Taproom (7324 NE 175th St, Kenmore WA 98028 accessible via Burke Gilman Trail; 425-424-BEER 2337).

We need to educate each other about how to make comments to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, how to talk to our electeds, how to spread the word in our communities, how to use citizen science to collect data, etc. Please bring your voices and ideas about how to promote good health, demand and have clean air for all, and heal our Earth for generations to come.

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Public Hearing April 18 4pm zoom re Cadman Asphalt in Kenmore and Comments due by May 2 to Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Flyer and one-pager.pdf

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An update re our asphalt problem in Kenmore Washington on the shores of Lake Washington where we want healthy environment for all–TESTIFY APRIL 18 or Before May 2.

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