PERK has withdrawn its appeal from the Shoreline Hearings Board

After much deliberation, PERK has decided to work with the City of Kenmore and Kenmore Air instead of pursuing the appeal. More complete information will appear soon.
Read the official statement.

Legal challenge to potentially dangerous dredging at Kenmore Air Harbor

PERK and the Lake Forest Park Stewardship Foundation have filed a petition with the Washington State Shorelines Hearing Board requesting a review of the City of Kenmore’s permitting process for the planned construction by Kenmore Air Harbor of a pier on the Lake Washington shoreline. The petition argues that the City of Kenmore has not taken adequate account of the likelihood of potentially hazardous contaminants in the sediment. [More]

Learn about proposed commercial development at St. Edward State Park

Discussions are underway to develop the Seminary site at Saint Edward State Park. To learn about this important issue visit the website of Citizens for St. Edward State Park. [More]

Attend the upcoming PERK meeting

The next PERK meeting will be held on April 10, in the enclosed meeting room (Stadler Room) adjacent to Third Place Books in the Town Center shopping mall (upper level) in Lake Forest Park. The time will be posted soon. All interested people are invited to attend. [More]

New PERK website

[This is the full story]
You may have noticed that the PERK website has a new look and a lot more features. It is now a WordPress site, built by Brent Anderson. Dave Farkas posts new content to the site.