This is an archive of older documents of continuing interest.

PERK’s challenge to the Sunbrook housing development:

UPDATE (3/2/2010): PERK hoping for settlement with Phoenix Development Inc (PDI) but Snohomish County Superior Court date still scheduled for April 16 2010

UPDATE (1/25/2010): PERK is presently trying to settle with PDI but is also moving forward on the LUPA petition at Snohomish Superior Court. Court is set for April 16, 2010 9am.

On November 10, 2009 the Brier City Council unanimously approved the Sunbrook Plat. Possible Next Steps include: (1) filing an appeal of the decision in Snohomish County; (2) negotiating for a settlement; (3) appealing to the Growth Management Hearings Board due to Brier having an antiquated 1992 Critical Areas Ordinance that is not based on Best Available Science.

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PERK Land Use Petition (pdf)

Brier City Council amended Resolution which approves the Sunbrook Plat in Brier (3 MB, pdf)

Sunbrook Appeal Flyer Nov. 24 (pdf)

Motion for Reconsideration (pdf)

Map – Sunbrook before construction (pdf)

Hearing Examiner Transcript – Day 1 (pdf)

Hearing Examiner Transcript – Day 2 (pdf)

Hearing Examiner Transcript – Day 3 (pdf)

Sunbrook Flyer (pdf)

Sunbrook Alternative, p. 1 of 2 (jpg)

Sunbrook Alternative, p.2 of 2 (jpg)

Sunbrook MDNS Appeal letter (May 2009) (pdf)