PERK has been working to accomplish its goals in a number of ways:

  • PERK worked with the City of Kenmore to acquire funds ($200K) from the Conservation Futures program to preserve undeveloped lands as part of a future Interurban Trail in Lake Forest Park and Kenmore.
  • PERK has facilitated a number of informational presentations to the Kenmore City Council on low-impact development methods and the environmental benefits of pervious surfaces.
  • PERK has contested a number of development projects that, as proposed, would have had serious environmental consequences. In many of these cases PERK has worked with the City of Kenmore and the developers to minimize the environmental impacts while enabling reasonable land development.
  • PERK is working in coordination with its sister organizations, the Lake Forest Park Stewardship, the Swamp Creek Alliance, and the Thornton Creek Alliance, to provide a regionally coordinated effort to preserve the natural resources of our area.