PRR 8441–PSCAA Public Hearing April 18 2022 video -CLEAN AIR IN KENMORE-Thank you for caring !

Dear All,

Thank you for commenting and caring about our Clean Air and shoreline in North Lake Washington.

If you wish to watch and hear the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Cadman Draft Air Permit Hearing April 18, here is the link. I hope you can access it if you are interested.

I plan to celebrate casually the end of the comment period by meeting at the 192 on Friday May 13 around 5pm. It’s an opportunity to discuss the City and the environment. May 17 is a hearing I need to learn more about: Missing Middle and potential loss of trees; Tolt Path across Swamp Creek wetllands (hope it’s scrubbed ASAP); what will happen when PSCAA responds to our comments regarding Cadman and what did Cadman say in their comments; Climate Action; ETC …

Thank you.


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