Kenmore City Hall Meeting tonight April 11 Earth Day Proclamation Asphalt Update

The Cadman Asphalt Facility MAY soon be UNGRANDFATHERED.

The asphalt plant in the middle of downtown Kenmore on the north shore of Lake Washington has been operating for more than 50 years without any emissions monitoring. Beyond the smell that affects residents and businesses in the downtown area, many are concerned how this plant may also affect our health, but have been left in the dark about what comes out of the stack.

There is currently a draft permit being proposed by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) – it would require the asphalt plant emissions to be tested for many toxic emissions, but only every few years. It would also require better accounting of what goes into asphalt mix, and better odor monitoring from places like the library, bike trails, parks. BUT is it enough to ensure that it is safe, for Kenmore’s community, for the Lake Washington community, for the people who use the Burke-Gillman trail that runs right by the fence line of the asphalt plant???

Please listen in tonight at the Kenmore City council for further discussion on this topic and stay tuned for opportunities to meet up to draft comments


Go to the PSCAA website for further
information on the permit


And on how to comment at the Public Hearing April 18, or
submit a comment by May 2

We will post these links on the website.

This Earth Day make a difference. Let’s meet at the Burke Gilman Trail and the Kenmore City Center to share our ideas about taking care of our Earth! Bringing kokanee back to our Streams and Clean Air back to our Habitat, for all!

Time TBA.

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