Dear Supporters of Clean Air in North Lake Washington: WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Please contact the committee members to support HB 1057 for our clean air. The Bill needs to pass out of committee soon! These are the suggested talking points (compiled by our lobbyist Shelly and checked by our City Manager Rob Karlinsey)

If you can get a meeting with one of the legislators, invite others to join the conversation, if you wish! Thank you in advance.

Key points to make in follow up communication with legislators:

  • This bill does not change current air quality or odor standards, it only changes who can file a complaint
  • This allows users of public trails, parks and common areas to file a complaint. Current law only allows those with a possessory right to file a complaint, which includes residents whether property owners or renters and businesses, owners or employees.
  • Once a complaint is received, a qualified, trained inspector (clean air agency or city staff member) goes to the location where the complaint was filed in order to investigate. For odor complaints there is a specific odor evaluation form, using a scale of 0 to 4, that is completed.
  • If warranted, the clean air agency would then file a notice of violation to the entity with the air quality violation and work with the entity to resolve the violation.
  • This bill does not create a private right of action. Investigation and enforcement still falls within the authority of the clean air agency (and in Kenmore’s case, response to the complaint is delegated to the City of Kenmore).
  • This change will allow the problem to be addressed at the local level; under current law, locals are limited in their reporting ability.
  • It was stated during testimony that the Kenmore asphalt plant is in compliance with existing standards. Even if that is the case, which is debatable, the standards for this facility were established long before a community and city grew up around it. The standards should be updated to reflect the urban nature of this area but they have not been.

From: Kenmore’s Lobbyist Shelly Helder < shelder>

To communicate with committee members
Committee Member List:
Click on member name and then “Email” link to access email address

Thank you,

Elizabeth Mooney
People for an Environmentally Responsible Kenmore
Part of the Kenmore Clean Air Coalition

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