Please contact the Legislators in the Committee to support clean air on the Burke Gilman Trail in Kenmore First Week February 2021!

Do you smell stinky asphalt on the Burke Gilman in Kenmore???? (Thank you, Tracy, for this example of a letter!)

Call to Action!!!!

Who: Anyone living in Washington State who would like to speak up for environment and climate and specifically for clean air

What: Support HB 1057, an act relating to clarifying the meaning of the term “enjoyment of life and property” within the clean air act; amending RCW 3 70A.15.1030; and creating a new section (I’ll put the new section in the comments so you can read it). This bill would give community members greater agency to report odors and have them investigated.

Time: 5 minutes or less if you choose OPTION 1; 10 or so minutes if you choose OPTION 2 or OPTION 3.

OPTION 1: Show your support for HB 1057 by
clicking ‘Comment on this bill;’
filling out the required fields;
clicking ‘Support;’
and writing something to the effect of ‘I support clean air’ in the comment field.…
Show your support for HB 1057 by
clicking ‘Comment on this bill;’
filling out the required fields;
clicking ‘Support;’
and writing a longer, personalized comment in the comment field (limited to 1,000 characters).…
Show your support for HB 1057 by emailing your Washington State Legislator. Link to find contact information for your Washington State Legislators here. Use email addresses rather than form pages to avoid character limits.…
Example text (feel free to use whatever you would like of mine). More talking points in the comments.

I customized my address to Representative Gerry Pollet and Representative Javier Valdez; I live in the 46th Legislative District.

Dear Honorable Representative,

I write, as a constituent in Kenmore, WA, in support of HB 1057. My interest in this bill is a general passion for a sustainable, healthy environment and climate and a specific concern about an environmental and public health injustice happening with emissions from an asphalt plant located at the heart of my urban/suburban community.

The bill, as I understand it, does not change current air quality or odor standards or a right of private action. It would, however, allow me, as a resident who lives outside the current legally acknowledged possessory right area but who enjoys public parks and spaces within that area, to file a complaint. Once such a complaint is registered, the protocol for responding to it would remain unchanged.

Although my interest in this bill stems from a specific issue in my local community, I imagine there are many communities across the state that would benefit from greater agency to advocate for clean, healthy air through legally recognized and enforceable mechanisms. Clean air is vital to everyone’s health.

Thank you for your hard work, care, and attention to HB 1057.

Tracy Banaszynski

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