Update Kenmore Clean Air Coalition Jan 19 2021

Dear Kenmore Clean Air Coalition Friends:
We are providing more information for Cascadia (e.g.inaccurate environmental check list) and asking for an update regarding the Cascadia Law Group’s work thus far; our goal is to have clean air and public health and safety.
We are working on distributing a flyer to communicate to residents and visitors phone numbers and computer links to make complaints, whether or not you live or work from a place where you detect the obnoxious asphalt emissions, and whether or not you think they may be a benign “nuisance” or a dangerous toxic health hazard. We want help in distributing flyers and getting them on the city website in the future and at our parks/trails/city centers. We also hope to provide a health symptom survey and bring back the results of the students’ STEM air monitor testing to the city (Dr. Robin Evans-Agnew’s UW Tacoma work with PERK and Kenmore Citizens in 2017).
Please keep writing our legislators in support of Rep Gerry Pollet’s HB 1057–the deadline to get out of committee is Feb 13. WE NEED THAT TO PASS. Do you need help finding the links? Knowing what to say? If so, please call me…or reply here. We could use BIG GROUPS like BIKING, KAYAKING GROUPS bothered by asphalt emissions on the Burke Gilman Trail, or AUDUBON etc. that can write in support of the right to be heard if we detect dangerous asphalt emissions that cause us concern in public trails, parks, city centers in Kenmore and North Lake Washington (from a stationary source).

Microsoft air monitors are on the Kenmore City Council agenda tonight…AND keep in mind those air monitors did not and will not be testing for Volatile Organic Compounds. We await news on whether the City will test at Cadman’s stack for VOC’s.
Stay safe, healthy!
… we had put some additional documents in the shared Google Drive “Asphalt Documents for City Cascadia Law”

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