PERK and Kenmore Clean Air Coalition meet Dec 10 2pm Zoom with Cascadia Law Consultants and Staff

The Kenmore Clean Air Coalition, comprised of local citizens and members of P.E.R.K., is currently fighting for clean air in our local community. Kenmore’s Cadman asphalt facility is at the center of their advocacy work. Located in Kenmore, near Log Boom Park and the Burke Gilman Trail, the plant is not required to adopt modern emission standards and continues to endanger public health and safety. Kenmore Clean Air Coalition’s aim is to test asphalt emissions from the plant to determine what is in the air that local residents are breathing.

The group’s community-based work has included a socially-distanced Clean Air for Kenmore March in October — an effort that joined P.E.R.K. members, high school students, legislative representatives, and other community members in a visible coalition against toxic fumes.

On Thursday, December 10th, the Kenmore Clean Air Coalition will continue its advocacy work in meeting with Cascadia Law. They will provide a summary of their progress on this issue and provide information that will get them closer to achieving their mission: a clean and healthy Kenmore environment on the shores of Lake Washington.

Please take a moment to sign their petition and help them reach their goal of 1000 signatures —

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