July 12 Air Monitoring in Kenmore

Fabulous DAY in Kenmore! SEEKING DATA and promoting environmental education. July 12 PERK (perkinkenmore.org)hosted 20 UW Tacoma Math Science Leadership Camp students in Kenmore to do real science with mentors from the UW Tacoma and our PERK Community! After their data collection, students shared lunch with the community at City Hall and enjoyed speeches and inspiring discussions with UW Tacoma Counselors/Scientists/Mentors, Professor Robin Evans-Agnew, Mayor David Baker, our local Scientist Mentors/Speakers/Hosts, Richard Honour, Joan Hardy, David Bain, Jean Reid, Steve Colwell, Clyde Merriwether, David Ruggerone, Janet Hays, Patrick O’Brien, Hitoshi Maruyama and Jim Myers. Thank you to all, including Melodi, Leslie, Bryan (for this fabulous photo), City Manager Rob Karlinsey as well as City Council for a letting us use the City Council Chambers for the wrap up of a wonderful day.

STAY TUNED: The results of the July 12 2017 one day air monitoring experiments the Students conducted will be presented on July 28, 2017 at UW Tacoma Campus from 2pm-4pm. If interested in attending, email me at elizabeth.mooney47@gmail.com.

For us all to consider: Do we want to have a full fledged air monitoring program initiated in our community? We need resources to do so.

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