Please share your environmental knowledge on interactive map!

Help us bring all the scary 520 bridge demolition evidence to a tipping point by making it plain to see by all on an interactive map.

There are essentially two types of data that are helpful to populate in the map:


Reports are user submitted input, that is shared directly on the map. E.g. Questions, Ideas, Observations, Complaints, Comments, Photos, etc.

To add a report, go to and hit the big orange button that says “PUT A COMMENT ON THE MAP”.

Mark your location (by dragging the map), fill out the form, upload a photo if you can, and hit “SUBMIT”.


Landmarks highlight key areas and provide general information. An example of a landmark is the dioxin report from Army Corps of Engineers here.

Landmarks give you more power for customization, so we can embed YouTube videos in them, make photo galleries, include special buttons and hyperlinks etc.

Currently only map administrators can add landmarks. We are working on a self service editor, but for now we are using a simple Google Doc system. All you have to do is add the information you want into this spreadsheet.

As landmarks entries are added to the table, they will be periodically imported into the map.

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