520 Bridge demolition press release

Shortcuts in the demolition project are unfair to public health and safety, federally protected species under the ESA and our environment. The demolition of the old 520 bridge is not being conducted in a proper manner. It appears now that our citizens, our legislators, our media and our Governor’s staff were all given false information on July 14, 2016 as well as in other meetings and discussions. We need support from our leaders at the highest levels to prevent our environment from being bombarded with toxins and we need Governor Inslee and WSDOT and DOE to understand the citizens have justified concerns. There are economic as well as environmental consequences to a poorly planned demolition of this old Floating Bridge. Since the hidden costs of a poorly executed demolition could harm our economy in the future, taking time to pause and rethink the sites for the rubblization seems justified. Since KGM could have leased a site in Tacoma (Concrete Tech) that is far from residential areas, despite it costing them more now, it may be the right way to do this demolition. If KGM took the large parts of the bridge out the Locks, it might cost them more now, but it may prevent a bigger mess in the future for the State of Washington, if toxins, like arsenic, are dispersed in Lake Washington. Additionally, the dioxins are also in the Kenmore Navigation Channel, so barging through that area is detrimental to our environment, economy and public health and safety.


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