Gerry Pollet’s letter and Dept of Ecology’s reply

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From: “Pollet, Rep. Gerry”
Date: June 7, 2016 at 3:48:57 PM PDT
To: {numerous}
Subject: Ecology’s letter and a proposed sign-on response to Governor asking for temp halt 520 demolition on Lake Washington

Dear 520 demolition concerned friends,

Shortly after 12:30 today, Ecology Director Bellon sent the much anticipated attached response letter and a Q and A attachment to me. There are some important new items in this letter.

I have prepared a review of the letter and attachment in the form of a proposed draft sign-on letter to Governor Inslee, Ecology Director Bellon and Transporation Secretary Millar asking for a temporary halt in the activity while records are disclosed and a dialogue can occur. The draft includes key acknowledgements and concerns that I identified in Director Bellon’s letter and attachment.

I ask that you all consider if you can sign on to this letter. Perhaps we can have a Thursday noon sign on following the Thursday morning meeting of Lake Washington Mayors. Send signatures or important edits to Angie Weiss and cc all. (I can not make the Thursday morning meeting because I will be in eastern WA for meetings. Rep Kuderer has told me that she will be attending).

This is the proposed opening and request:
Thank you for acknowledging in Ecology Director Bellon’s letter of June 7, 2016 to Representative Pollet that “breaking down concrete is an activity better suited to be done on land…” (Emphasis added). This reflects one of the fundamental concerns of tens of thousands of residents, local governments, local officials and community groups.

We are very concerned that your letter seeks to justify this as a pre-approved activity, despite acknowledging that there are better alternatives with lower risks.

Therefore, we urge Governor Inslee, Transportation Secretary Millar and Ecology Director Bellon jointly halt this activity until all relevant records are available for public review and a clear timeline for discussion as to why reasonable available alternatives are not being utilized; and, to enable the public to have confidence that all appropriate reviews of detailed plans were conducted and incorporated all reasonable efforts to avoid or mitigate potential impacts.


Representative Gerry Pollet

46th District (Northeast and North Seattle, Lake Forest Park and Kenmore)

(360)786-7886 Olympia / (206)729-3234 District Office when out of session

cell: (206)819-9015

Here is

From: Weiss, Angie on behalf of Pollet, Rep. Gerry
Sent: Friday, June 03, 2016 4:58 PM
To: {numerous}
Subject: 520 Updates: Notes on Call with State Transportation Staff

To all interested parties who requested updates on 520 demolition in and around Lake Washington:

This afternoon I had a call with WSDOT staff to discuss updates and next steps to follow up on the letter I sent. Here are some key points I thought you would like a briefing on:

Call attendees: Transportation Secretary Willar, Julie Meredith from WSDOT, Ron Judd from WSDOT, Charles Knutson from the Governor’s office, and several others.

The Department of Ecology has committed to sending a response to my letter on Monday, with further explanations about what environmental reviews took place. They will distribute it to anyone who has expressed interest.

  1. Demolition has already begun, and Ecology believes they have the authorization to do so
  2. KGM and WSDOT also feel they are already authorized
  3. There is recognition that not everyone knows what is included in their work right now
  4. I asked for a halt to this work on the lake until the public and local governments have reviewed if the proper environmental analyses have been done, and there is assurance that no harm will come to Lake Washington, including from barging North
  5. Everyone agreed it would be best to post any relevant documents online for everyone to access.

I look forward to having further updates on Monday.

Have a great weekend,


Representative Gerry Pollet

46th District (Northeast and North Seattle, Lake Forest Park and Kenmore)

(360)786-7886 Olympia / (206)729-3234 District Office when out of session

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