17-002 Petitioners revised legal issues

    As requested in the pre-hearing conference Friday February 3, 2017 petitioners have revised their list of legal issues.

    The revised list and Declaration of Service is attached.

    As Ecology and WSDOT have taken the position that our appeal was not timely filed, in spite of meeting the City of Seattle's noticed deadline, we are unable to support Ecology's withdrawal at this time.


    Carl Stixrood for Petitioners


    17-002 Dec of Service Petitioners legal issues rvsd Feb 7 2017
    17-002 Petitioners revised List of proposed Issues Feb 7 2017

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    Asphalt Fumes Bill Hearing

    On behalf of PERK, at the Washington State Legislature hearing in Olympia yesterday, I testified in favor of HB 1028 regarding the asphalt fumes issue in Kenmore.

    I delivered our letters of support, authored by PERK members, to the Committee.

    The mayor of Kenmore was there to testify "PRO" along with Representative Gerry Pollet who coauthored the bill with Representative Jessyn Farrell.

    Here is a video of that session (Our suppporting testimony starts about 11 minutes in).

    Please take the time to submit your comments to our reps on this bill

    We hope to have a citizen meeting in the next 3 weeks to talk with our community and decide what actions to take next.

    Thank you.

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    Jan 5 St. Edward Lease meeting at Bastyr

    Please attend the meeting on Jan 5 at Bastyr University and please ask Park Commissioners to stop any and all significant adverse environmental impacts to St. Edward State Park's natural habitats, by either Mr. Daniel's hotel project or the other project by City of Kenmore to replace the grass field with artificial lighted ballfield, something that would eliminate the darkness needed by birds/amphibians, plants to stay natural.

    We must protect our nature by assessing the cumulative impacts of the hotel+the artificial ballfield. Thanks to John Hendrickson, we proved the city did not utilize best available science in promoting the artificial lighted ballfield, but we need to hold strong to protecting nature by not letting the hotel be accepted without first requiring the Daniels project require protection of the natural habitat surrounding the hotel project.

    Further info available at Citizens For St. Edward State Park web site.

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    Letter from Greg Wingard to Rob Karlinsey

    Dear All,

    See attached PDF letter.
    And please attend Dec 12 2016 Council meeting at Kenmore City Hall to learn more.

    Thank you.

    Elizabeth Mooney


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    Hendrickson, et al. v. City of Kenmore - 16-3-0002

    From: Eccles, Lynn (ELUHO) <lynn.eccles> on behalf of CPSGMHB (ELUHO) <Central>
    Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 2:43 PM
    Subject: RE: Hendrickson, et al. v. City of Kenmore - 16-3-0002

    Dear Parties,

    Per the request below, attached is the Final Decision and Order. This order went out in the mail yesterday.

    Lynn Eccles │Administrative Assistant

    Environmental and Land Use Hearings Office

    PO Box 40953 Olympia, WA 98504

    360-664-9172 | www.eluho.wa.gov

    From: Christine Stern [mailto:CStern]
    Sent: Tuesday, November 29, 2016 10:44 AM
    To: CPSGMHB (ELUHO) <Central>
    Subject: Hendrickson, et al. v. City of Kenmore - 16-3-0002

    Ms. Eccles,

    It is our understanding, according to the previously issued schedule, the Final Decision was due yesterday, November 28, 2016, in the above-referenced matter. Dawn Reitan, attorney for the City of Kenmore, is wondering if it is possible to email the decision to all parties, provided it was issued yesterday. We have not yet received a copy. Any information or assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

    Christine M. Stern | Legal Assistant

    Skyline Tower, Suite 1500 | 10900 NE 4th Street | Bellevue, WA 98004
    P: 425.450.4228 | F: 425.635.7720


    16-3-0002 FDO.pdf

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