July 12 Air Monitoring in Kenmore

    Fabulous DAY in Kenmore! SEEKING DATA and promoting environmental education. July 12 PERK (perkinkenmore.org)hosted 20 UW Tacoma Math Science Leadership Camp students in Kenmore to do real science with mentors from the UW Tacoma and our PERK Community! After their data collection, students shared lunch with the community at City Hall and enjoyed speeches and inspiring discussions with UW Tacoma Counselors/Scientists/Mentors, Professor Robin Evans-Agnew, Mayor David Baker, our local Scientist Mentors/Speakers/Hosts, Richard Honour, Joan Hardy, David Bain, Jean Reid, Steve Colwell, Clyde Merriwether, David Ruggerone, Janet Hays, Patrick O'Brien, Hitoshi Maruyama and Jim Myers. Thank you to all, including Melodi, Leslie, Bryan (for this fabulous photo), City Manager Rob Karlinsey as well as City Council for a letting us use the City Council Chambers for the wrap up of a wonderful day.

    STAY TUNED: The results of the July 12 2017 one day air monitoring experiments the Students conducted will be presented on July 28, 2017 at UW Tacoma Campus from 2pm-4pm. If interested in attending, email me at elizabeth.mooney47@gmail.com.

    For us all to consider: Do we want to have a full fledged air monitoring program initiated in our community? We need resources to do so.

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    July 12 Air Monitoring Event in Kenmore

    How Good is Our Air ?

    On July 12, 2017, 7th Graders in UW Tacoma Math Science Leadership program will be performing an air monitoring exercise in the Kenmore area. This one day event is an effort to raise awareness of industrial pollutants in our residential area and what risks they may pose to our health.

    The students will be at various sites around town from 10:30am (Log Boom Park) to 12:30 (City Hall) taking air samples and questioning passersby regarding health issues. From 12:30 to 1:20 they will be at Kenmore City Hall hearing local speakers discuss our regional pollution issues. If you see them out sampling, say hello, take their survey, or stop in at the City Hall to say hi and listen to the speakers.

    Results from the study will be available the following week and the students will be presenting their findings at University of Washington Tacoma.

    This event is being hosted by PERK – People for an Environmentally Responsible Kenmore. For further information about the event or the results contact:

    Elizabeth Mooney 206-979-3999

    check LakeWashington.us for results after 7/17/17.
    as well as this PERK website, which does provide EMAILED UPDATES if you wish - register in the upper right corner of our home page.

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    Kenmore City Council Meeting June 12 2017

    Come and voice your opinion about the open space field at St. Edward State Park in Kenmore!
    Kenmore wants to place an artificially lighted artificial turf Little League field in place of the grassy open space where deer, frogs, bats, birds and nature reside, where people walk and picnic in relative peace and quiet, where the skies are dark at night, and where teams play games and camps conduct environmental education. Speak up on June 12, 2017 at public comment, if you wish. Thank you!

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    post perk

    PERK Meeting TODAY!!!!
    June 7, 2017
    Lake Forest Park Library Meeting Room


    People for an Environmentally Responsible Kenmore host Citizens for St. Edward Park's discussion of the Ballfield at St. Edward Park and other

    1. Citizens for St. Edward Park discuss the Open Space aka "Ball fields" and organizing for the June 12 7pm Kenmore City Council Meeting at Kenmore City Hall

    2. Air Monitoring Environmental Justice Project Wednesday, July 12 in Kenmore with 9th grade UW Tacoma students and UW Tacoma Professors mentoring STEM Leadership Camp--looking for volunteers to help on July 12 in Kenmore 10am-1:30pm.

    1. Using our map...lakewashington.us --A Community Map Uniting all to protect and restore Lake Washington--support for LakeWashington.us was provided by Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, a grant making fund created by the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and administered by the Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment.
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